So That Happened

It’s weird how, sometimes, life moves at lightning speed.

As you may remember, I’ve been without a day job since an unfortunate (and also fortunate) lay off at the end of June. Last week, on Thursday morning at 9 AM, I finally had a job interview. It was quick and short, but the people seemed nice. And I knew I could do that job. Not only have I been dealing with the office end of medical practices for more than a decade, but I’m also good at the “mindless” jobs. Not to say that there’s no thinking involved at all, but more that it’s a job where there’s a clear set of tasks, and it doesn’t take all your brain power to do it. You sit there, do the thing, and move on to the next thing until it’s time to go home. Some people hear this description, and they balk. They know they would be bored and hate it. Me? I’m perfectly suited to such a job, because my brain is always half engaged in other things anyway. Plotting or mind-knitting or colorway planning. What I liked about this particular job is that it’s just sitting at a desk, and I don’t have to interact with many people, and I can just do my thing.

(side note: I thought I was applying for a different position, because the wording on the job description was sort of vague, but now I understand the keywords they used. But that’s okay)

Anyway, as much as I knew I could do the job when I walked away from the interview, I didn’t really think I would take it because I was sure they wouldn’t be able to pay me enough.

Fast forward to 3:30 ish Thursday afternoon…and I get a call from the employment recruiter person. Basically offering me the job. I was sort of stunned it happened that fast, but he sent me the information to look over, we talked about money, and told me he’d call back the next day. I still didn’t think they’d pay me the hourly rate I needed, but I’d look over the info nonetheless.

And while I was all “oh holy crap, guess what just happened” sending texts and messages…my email pinged and my heart pounded.

Because it was the contract offer for Somebody to Die For, the third in my Requiem Inc series with the Dreamspun Beyond line. A job offer and a contract offer on the same day. I’ll tell you, I was doing a bit of a butt wiggle happy dance.

I’m super excited for StDF for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I love the characters and the world, and I’d been planning Avery’s story since the moment he first showed up on page in Ghost of a Chance. (Though he had a different name in the original version). Each of the books has a slightly different feel, but they’re all low angst and focused on the relationship between the two MCs. Avery and Jameson have their own hurdles to overcome. And they’ll be out in the fall of next year.

(I do have one more story in me for this series, but I’m not yet sure if I’ll write it. There are circumstances. So we’ll see.)

And then, on Friday, I got the call from the recruiter, and they did, in fact, come up with enough money to allow me to take the job. And of course, part of me didn’t want to, because I’m enjoying not going to a day job and writing and knitting and reading instead. But I do want to work, and I want a steady income and insurance benefits and all that stuff. So, I took the job and I start on November 6th (barring any complications, but I don’t foresee any)

So. I have a new job I’ll start in a couple of weeks, two more releases before the end of the year, and four releases already set for next year. With possibly another one, if I can manage to get it written.

All in all, I’d say that’s pretty decent.

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