Just a quick post to update where I’m at!

Still don’t have a day job and as a result:

The sweater I’m knitting is almost done.

I’ve finished editing Hearts and Hazelnuts, and have gone through the first round of edits on Ghost of a Chance. I’ve finished writing Lost Souls Found, and have submitted it. I’m working on Somebody to Die For….but I had a lag there for a while during which I had to work through a wee bit of burn out. Also, during edits for Ghost of a Chance, I had to decide on some changes that effect the series as a whole. Even though these books stand alone, I want anyone who reads any or all of the books to have a consistency throughout. So that slowed me down some as well.

Also! A Timely Gift, my solstice + Christmas story, has been contracted to be part of DSP’s Advent Calendar, so pretty soon there will be edits with that as well.

So I’m working hard, and now that I’m back on track with StDF, I intend to put a good dent in the word count and get it done in the next couple of weeks.

And that’s it for me! Hope everyone is getting through summer (or winter) okay!

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