Coming in April from JMS Books… Enchanted Love!

Okay, I’ve talked about it a few times in vague terms, but Enchanted Love is the story of Eli and Chase. Chase sweeps Eli off his feet, and they fit together perfectly. There’s no angst here. Just two guys who find each other at the right time and settle into their happily ever after. It’s a happy little love story. And I adore it. Specific details when I have them, but watch this space for news. I’m super excited about sharing it with you, and I’ll be sure to share details as soon as I have them.

Ghostwalker is almost to the halfway point, both in words and in plot. It really should be farther along than it is, and I’m definitely in a time crunch. I got inside my own head about a few things, and let myself focus on other endeavors for a bit. But I’m not worried. At least, no more than usual that is. The good news is I know exactly where the rest of the story is going, and half the major plot points written out in bullet points. I’ll have to dig in and really get some words on the page. I see another sequester in my near future. And really, when I set aside that kind of time and really focus, I can get a lot of words on the page. I think the most I’ve ever written in a 24 hour period was 12k, because I had to sleep at some point, but my average is more like 7-10k. I want to get this done by the end of the month so I have time to tweak and polish, but fortunately I have some weekend days and quite a few nights. So I’m confident I can get it done.

But in the meantime, enjoy Valentine’s Day! Whether it be with your special someone or someones. Or with a good book and a glass of wine.



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