A Shift

So, I wrote Enchanted Love for a sub call, and come to find out, after a lot of deliberation apparently, the publisher has decided to discontinue that particular collection. It was a surprise, actually. And I never expected that to happen. Not to mention, I really didn’t expect to get that answer after they had the MS for so long. So I was particularly shocked, and it took me a bit to absorb it.

It wasn’t a rejection by any means. The publisher didn’t even really review it. The collection isn’t being put out this year, so my story was once again mine to do with as I wished. And even though it wasn’t a rejection, it felt like it a bit. So I had to readjust my thinking. Decide what to do next.

And there were definitely options, choices to make. It took a little thought and discussion, some back and forth with a couple of friends, before I decided on trying a different publisher.

Details coming soon when they are confirmed, but I believe I’ve found a home for it! I’m excited because I love this story. It’s sweet and fluffy and there’s  little self-indulgent bits and Eli and Chase are just so freaking adorable. It’s just a feel good story, one that I love, and I’m can’t wait to bring it to you.

So watch this space for details. I’ll post them as soon as I can.

In the mean time, I hope you look forward to a happy short story that’s all about the good feels. 🙂

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