Coming Soon!

No flash fic today because…well, reasons. But in the meantime…

Dreamspinner is having a sale of three of my titles this weekend. 99 cents! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up some of my backlist, now is a great opportunity.

On Monday, Love Wins anthology releases. Proceeds go to charity, and there are some really great stories included. You can get it at DsP, Amazon.

And then on Wednesday, His Needs hits shelves! I really love this story, you guys, and I love Travis and Noah. I hope you enjoy them as well. So check them out. Available for pre-order now, if you so choose, or on Wednesday December 14th. Dsp or Amazon.

So if any of that strikes your fancy, please don’t hesitate to buy.

Next week there’ll be some writing talk, and Friday’s flash fic will feature Travis and Noah. And I’m so excited to bring that to you.

Happy reading!