An Update

In a burst of words this past weekend, I finished writing a short novella. And I adore the ever living crap out of it. It’s sweet and fluffy and I got to really embrace that whole thing. I adore both the characters so much I can’t even decide who is my favorite. Eli, as the narrator, has a special place in my heart. But Chase, oh, there are moments when he just steals my heart completely. Not to mention, there’s also a secondary character who just makes me grin. So I adore it a lot and I need to make it pretty and tweak it and fix some stuff. I’ve got time before deadline and I want to make it the best story it can be before that.

Want will be heading to the editor soon and I’m super excited about getting this story out there to you. There are moments when I actually think it’s my favorite (though I think that about different parts of every book in the series) and I hope you all will enjoy it as well. Alex and Spencer…man, their story has been such a long time coming and it was a little bit of a departure for me. I love it though. As it stands now, this is the last book in the series. Though I do have an idea about a potential fifth book, I’m not going to make any plans for it now. I won’t say never.

And then there’s the fact that I now know more about hazelnuts, and the farming and processing of them, than I ever thought possible. Why hazelnuts, you ask? My next project is to write a story that takes place on a hazelnut farm in Oregon’s gorgeous and lush Willamette Valley. If all goes according to plan, it’ll be my contribution to Dreamspinner Press’s States of Love series. But I have to write it first, and even when I do the pub might not contract it, so nothing is yet written in stone. I spent several hours last night researching, answering the questions I had, jotting down way more information than I’ll ever use in the book, and writing up a general outline. The thing that is different about this one? I see it rather clearly from both MC’s POVs. And though usually when that happens it sorts itself down to just one, I don’t see that happening here. But I love writing first person, and so my intent is to write this one in alternating first. Also not written in stone, but that’s how it feels right now. We’ll see how it all shakes out when I actually start writing it. Which will be soon. I just need to get some other things taken care of first.

At any rate, I’m excited about that one a lot too. Like pumped up fired to get started on it, and on the edge my seat to see how their love story plays out. (Yes, I know, I’m the author and I orchestrate it. But it definitely is different, watching it play out).

So that’s the scoop from me!

2 thoughts on “An Update”

  1. I think you can do alternate first but it’s tricky. I read a book years ago that did that and honestly it did not work for me, but others loved it. But on the other hand I am doing that method myself with My Devotion and I think it’s working pretty well. So…I anticipate you having no issues with it when the time comes. Too bad you can’t move to Oregon and experience it yourself lol!

    Congrats on finishing the short story, I am sure I will love it

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    1. Pacific Northwest for the win!!

      Thanks! I anticipate it not being too easy, as the guys are very different and I’ll have to really chose my words carefully. We’ll see how it works. I’m not opposed to changing it if it doesn’t.
      Yours definitely is.

      And I hope you do! *fingers crossed


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