Yeah, So…

I had plans. So you know what that means. What it always means.

Over the past months, I’ve had several great ideas for stories. And in the moment, I was gung ho to write them. I was fired up…until the next idea came along. And then I was fired up about that one. There was plotting! I was making headway! Except I had yet to put any words on the page, other than plotting, and I was finding all manner of other things that needed to be done instead. I mean, I was still thinking and making notes, but I wasn’t actually writing.

And then…then I saw a sub call.

I’ve said it before. I like writing to sub calls. Some of my favorite stories have been sparked after having read one. And this is no different. As soon as I read it, I saw the opening scene, and I knew what I wanted to write. I saw down last night and managed more than 2500 words. And that was just the first chapter. These guys have a long way to go on their HEA.

But oh, it feels so good. Because I was at a loss and I was having trouble getting any words at all down on the page. And now they are flowing, and these guys are living in my head. Sometimes I have to think long and hard about what a story should be. Sometimes, like with Want, there are dozens of false starts. And sometimes, sometimes it just happens, easy as anything, and the words just flow.

I hoping it continues. Because I’m already adoring these guys and the larger plot. I don’t want to say too much yet. But it’ll probably be around 15k and the working title is Safe Spaces. And that is where my focus is now.

I haven’t abandoned the other things I’m planning. They are just taking a backseat for now. Because right now, this story is driving. And I’m content to let it.

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