The End

I don’t actually type those two little words once I finish a MS, but the sentiment is still the same.

Last night, I wrote the final words and finished writing Something Like Want. In fact, I’m 109% done. Just check the word meter.


I did a happy dance, crowed about it a little, wiggled and cheered. I love when I finish writing something. There’s an insane amount of satisfaction in it. This one especially feels good, as for so long it was a complete struggle to get any words on the page at all. But in just over a month, I managed to write all the words.

It’s not done by any means. Now I need to go back through it and tweak and fix and polish. And then off to the beta to give it a practiced eye and more fixing, tweaks, and changes. It’ll be a process over the next several weeks. And then! Then I’ll send it off to the editor, and she’ll help me really make it shine. I’m still thinking it’ll be ready for release at the end of October, but I’ll keep you updated when things firm up a little there.

I love the crap out of these guys. I mean, yeah, of course, I love all my boys. Some more than others. But these guys really mean something to me. I don’t know if it was because it was such a struggle, at first, to get their story on the page. It could be, perhaps, because enemies to lovers is something I’ve never written before. It could be because the story takes place in Oak Harbor, and I loved “revisiting” Vincent’s house, the town, my mental image of the place. It could be all the things combined. I adore Spencer, I love Alex, and together the make my heart happy.

I’m not done with them yet. There’s work to be done. But the drafting stage is finished, and after so long, that feels particularly amazing.

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