The Wrist Thing

I should have really expected it, because the way my life goes at least 60% of the time, it’s not surprising that something came along and messed with my plans. I had things that needed to get done and things I wanted to get done and my wrist, or possibly the universe, decided nope.

I’ve been joking for years that I’m working up a nice case of carpal tunnel syndrome. My job has been a whole lot of typing for the last 11 years. Add to that the writing on the nights and weekend, which is even more steady typing. And then there’s the fact that on the side, I’m an avid knitter and crocheter, so even when I’m not typing, I’m using hook or needle to twist yarn into pretty thing. So yes, my wrists get abused, my dominant right hand in particular. It’s not the first time my wrist  has gotten achy and sore, a little numb and tingly. It was, by far, the worst time though. There was all out pain this time. So much so that I couldn’t even ignore it and continue to work. Nope. I had no choice but to splint it, ice it, painkiller it, baby it from Thursday on.

This on a weekend where I needed to finish knitting a baby sweater AND I wanted to finish writing Want.

It’s better today. Yesterday it was almost there. I barely get a twinge now. I finished the baby sweater last night (which was the priority because the shower is this Friday). I want to get a couple of hats done (she’s having twins) too, as she knows about the sweaters and I’d like for there to be surprises. And with that, coupled with the wrist set back of this past weekend and the fact that I’m probably taking a day trip this upcoming Saturday, I’ve decided to give myself some extra time. Originally, I’d wanted to finish the story, get all the words on the page by the end of this weekend. But it’s good now I have such a big cushion, because I need another couple of weeks.

I’m anxious to see it completed because truly, I love these guys even more than I thought I would. And I can’t wait for their happily ever after. But life got in the way a bit, and Alex and Spencer have waited this long for their story to be told. They’re good at patient. A few more weeks won’t hurt.

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