And lots of it!

The story goes like this: I had nothing at all for Something Like Want, absolutely zero, not even a whole plot, until just about a week ago. And then everything fell into place like puzzle pieces. It just all made sense, what I couldn’t make work was now working like awesome, and I made my rough outline. I was going to let it sit for a bit, but I was inspired, and I started to write. Late Friday, July 8th, I wrote the first chapter. And then I kept writing.

And in a week’s time I wrote more than 16k words. I got great satisfaction out of watching the number climb! I gleefully updated the WIPs page with the word meter every time I finished another chapter! I’m halfway through, in plot and in words, and I’m positively giddy about the whole thing!

Okay, so there was a moment or two of serious doubt. Some impostor syndrome creeping in. As it always does around this point. And I’m sure it will continue to plague me. I’m just that kind of person. But I do my best to push that away, even if I have to voice it out for a bit first.

But all that aside, I’ve made an insane amount of progress on the story. I’m loving these guys even more than I thought I would. And I’m at the turning point now, where things get more intense, more real for them. Alex is learning things he didn’t know, and Spencer is showing his true colors…or rather, Alex is seeing them in a way he never did. This story, which I was certain I couldn’t write because of the way I set things up, is flowing. It feels so good, and since I love these guys a ton, I’m even more excited to get their story on the page.

And I lined up an editor. And I’ll soon be dropping a query about a cover. And if all goes according to plan, Something Like Want will be available at the end of October.

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