Flash Fic Friday

Release Day Flash Fic Friday

**The Something Like books are back on the shelves and available for purchase! A great big thanks to everyone who has already picked them up. If you haven’t and want to, buy links at the end of the post. But in the meantime, enjoy a flash fic featuring the boys. Dan had a story to tell, and it’s NSFW, but the guys from the other books make cameos. I hope you enjoy!**

For thirty-two days, the house had been filled to the brim. There hadn’t been a moments peace in over a month. But now, we were finished shooting, the wrap party was over, and the cast and crew were all gone. Well, Aaron had driven out to join Lucas yesterday, and Brandon and Jared decided to stick around for a bit and have some time together. They’d all given up their rooms at the inn and had moved into guest rooms in Vincent’s house for their impromptu vacations. Vincent was happy to have them, having gotten to know them better over the course of shooting. I just wanted our solitude back. And for the evening, while our guests were out, we had it.

Which was why I was currently sated, sore, and sticky, and my boyfriend’s softening cock was still lodged in my ass.

The sun room was my favorite place in the whole house, and Vincent loved to work out there. So as soon as our guests had left, I knew exactly where to find him. And I knew what would happen when I walked out there completely naked. He’d ravaged me, exactly what I needed, and now I rested against him, my cheek pillowed on his shoulder. It was sort of thrillingly sexy he’d only gotten undressed enough to get his dick out while I was completely bare.

Vincent held me tightly to him, one hand rubbing up and down my back, the other touching the rim of my hole where his cock was still stretching me. I shuddered and settled into the touch. One of the first things Vincent had taught me was how much I loved ass play, and having him touch me even when I was pleasantly sore and filled with his cum was one of my favorite things. Sometimes he fingered me afterwards for a long time, until I was once again hard and begging him to fuck me. We didn’t have that kind of time tonight, but I still liked him touching me there. That was one of our things, and it helped me to feel grounded in us.

It had only been two days since we admitted our love for each other. And we’d had very little time to just be.

“Love you,” Vincent murmured in my hair then kissed my temple. It was like he could read my mind. Sometimes, I honestly thought he could.

I snuggled in deeper, something a man of my height shouldn’t really be able to do. “Me too. Love you.” I sighed contentedly.

“That’s sweet, but are you two done fucking? Can you let us in?”

I jerked at the sound of Aaron’s voice, and bristled at the amusement there, but Vincent held me fast against him so I couldn’t move.

“Thought you were going to a double feature at the Blue Fox Drive-In?” he asked mildly.

“Ugh,” Aaron said, and from his tone I could practically imagine the disgust on his face. “The second movie was some horrible thing about genius babies. We left after the first five minutes. Really, can you open the door?”

“Go away. I’ll come open the front door in a minute.” Vincent was using his director voice and I heard Aaron scurry away. There was no way he was going to ignore that voice. None of us could. We were too ingrained to listen.

“If I were ten years younger,” I grumbled, slowly sitting up. I tried not to moan at the loss of his dick. “I’d be blushing with embarrassment.”

“Thank god you’re too old for that.” Vincent wrapped a hand gently around my neck and pulled me forward to kiss me soundly before he let me go. I was breathing heavily, and Vincent just grinned his wicked smile. “Wrap up in that afghan and go clean up, while I let the jackasses back in.”

I could tell by his affectionate tone he didn’t really mean it. I knew he was glad they were here. I was too. Not the getting caught freshly fucked part, of course. But having the people I was closest to here with me while we took some time off was really nice. I kissed Vincent again, then did as he said.


By the time I reemerged, Vincent had pulled the blackout curtains over the picture window so no ambient light could come in, and lowered the movie screen that hung over his fireplace. Brandon was in Jared’s lap on the loveseat, and Aaron was stretched out on the couch with his head on Lucas’s thigh. Lucas was running his fingers over Aaron’s short hair and smiling softly.

Vincent had pushed the ottoman up against his overstuffed chair, and he’d splayed his legs so there was no doubt whatsoever where I was supposed to sit. I’d gotten used to being open with my affection over the last few weeks, and I didn’t hesitate to do just that, leaning back into Vincent’s strong chest. I laid my head over his heart, listening to its steady thump, and loving the sound more than I could say.

I smiled as the movie started playing, a classic John Wayne film that not one of us could find fault with. I settled in, and released a soft sigh of contentment. Wrapped up in Vincent’s arms was where I always wanted to be, and it was made all the better by sharing it with the other guys. Lucas was my closest friend, and Aaron and I had a bond that went deep. I’d gotten to know Brandon when he guest starred on the show, but even more so, and Jared too, while we’d shot the film. Having them all here filled me with a sense of peace I couldn’t explain.

I didn’t try to. I just turned my head so I could kiss my boyfriend’s chest, right over his strong heart, and then relaxed into it. Love, friendship, and peace were all I needed.

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