Release Day!

Evan would do anything for his best friend, Malcolm. Including bake five dozen cupcakes with one day notice for LoveandCupcakes1Mal’s octogenarian granddad. But the evening spent making cupcakes turns into something unexpected when Mal makes a move on Evan. He never thought Mal would feel the same way he does. After all Evan has harbored secret love for Mal for years. Suddenly faced with stray flour, frosted lips, and steamy kisses, it seems like Mal wants Evan, too. There’s no doubt they fit together as friends, but when love is thrown into the mix, will they stand up to the heat or be burnt to a crisp?

Is available now! Woo!

You can get it at ARe or Amazon

It’s short. It’s fluffy. It’s a loving romance between two friends who finally takes that next step in their relationship. And yes, there are cupcakes.

I hope you enjoy it. Because I adore the crap out of these guys. I really do.

We’ll probably see them for a few flash fics in the very near future.

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