My (sorta brilliant) Brilliant Idea

When it comes to my stories, I like to jot stuff down and have it where I can see it.  I’ve thought about writing on the wall in the writing nook before, but I knew it probably wasn’t the best of ideas.  And then, like one of those lightning strikes, I thought about chalkboard paint, and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.  So I picked a swatch of wall in the writing nook.IMG_2006

And I blocked out what I wanted to chalkboard.IMG_2009

And I painted it.  And waited.  And painted again.  And waited. And then one more coat, and I had a chalkboard spot.IMG_2011

And then I put up a border around it (which I’m not quite sold on, but kind of like, so I haven’t decided yet if it will stay or go) and started a bit of plotting.IMG_2019

With some pumpkins because it’s fall.

So that’s my brilliant idea.  I’ve got this spot right here next to me where I can write stuff out, and where I can see everything all laid out without flipping back and forth to a document.  It will have the salient details, and I’m thinking it will be a big help when I start the next story.

And hell, it’s there even if I just want to doodle. 😀