Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Another prompt to which the Admiral and I both wrote.  Check his out here.  And read two stories about a summer movie in the park and geeks.  Enjoy!**

“We’re almost there, Nate.”

I chanced a glance sideways.  “Almost where?” I asked, knowing it would never work.  The look on Kyle’s face let me know he was disappointed I even tried.

I was bored out of my skull, and he still wouldn’t tell me where we were going.  No matter how hard I pouted or what sexual favors I offered.  He just kept driving, a smug little grin on his face.  If I didn’t trust him so much, and love him so hard, I would have been truly worried.  But I did, so I honestly had no qualms about riding for two hours to some unknown destination. That didn’t mean I wasn’t going to pout about it though.

A few more minutes passed, and then Kyle pointed out the window.  “Here we go.”

I turned to look, then sat up straight, my eyes nearly bugging out of my head.  The banner proudly proclaimed “Star Trek in the Park.”

“What?  How? What?” I sputtered.

Kyle laughed.  “I’ve been worried for weeks you were going to find out about this and beg to go, and that would ruin my surprised.”  He pulled into the parking lot.  It was mostly full, but he managed to find a space way in the back where he could park his little coupe.  “Double feature once it gets dark enough. Star Trek: The Motion Picture and then the reboot Star Trek with an intermission in between.”

“I love you,” I breathed, leaning into him and kissing him hard.  This was the coolest thing ever.  What was even better was that Kyle wasn’t into the show.  He didn’t have the love of it that I did.  But he loved me, so he watched.

We got out of the car, and Kyle retrieved a blanket and a small cooler out of the trunk.  It looked like we were set.  I couldn’t stop grinning. It didn’t even falter as I took in all the people streaming into the park from the lot.  A lot of them were dressed in costume to a degree.  I could have easily done the same.  If I had known, that is.  I tamped down the niggling of resentment that tried to work its way into my brain.

“Hey,” Kyle said, drawing my attention to where he was fiddling with something in the trunk.  When I turned, he gave me a wicked grin, then held up a piece of fabric.  It took me a second to recognize it as one of my t-shirts.  The one designed to look like the science uniform worn on The Enterprise.

I threw myself into his arms.  He’d thought of everything.  I’d bet money that my favorite snacks were packed in the cooler.  I kissed him again, very thoroughly, before I stripped off the shirt I was wearing and replacing it with the one that proudly proclaimed my geekiness.

Kyle waited until I was ready, helped smooth my hair back into place, and then took my hand. “Let’s go. Marvin and Lee got here hours ago, and they said they’d save us a spot.  He even promised it wouldn’t be too out in the open.”

I laughed, pleased down to my toes. “So we can snuggle?”

“Or something,” Kyle said with a suggestive eyebrow waggle.  I laughed again, and bumped his shoulder with mine.

We spotted Marvin easily enough, even with all the people.  Mostly because he was literally jumping up and down and waving his arms above his head.  He looked ridiculous, but I adored him for it. Just before we got to the place where they were waiting, I tugged on Kyle’s hand.  When he stopped, and looked at me with a question in his eyes, I just smiled.

“Thank you for this.  It’s awesome.”

“I love you,” he said with an easy shrug.

I kissed him and then we started walking again.  Nothing more needed to be said.