You know, I read a lot. I mean a lot! And it turns out, this is actually a really good thing for my writing. Because I’ve absorbed all the lessons that make for writing a good story and I don’t even realize it.

Reader: I like how your character showed growth from point a to point b!

Me: *blinks* Thanks! I’m glad you saw that.
*thinking* Did I write it that way on purpose?

It’s an interesting thing. The truth of it is, yes, sometimes it’s on purpose. But sometimes, I’m not thinking of it in terms like that. I’m just writing the story as I see it in my head. And character growth, well, that’s a natural progression in any story. Even if it’s only a little. Even if it’s only in one area of their lives. Growth happens as people experience new things, go through different situations, meet new people.

So yeah, sometimes I’m just writing a story. And all the little things I’ve absorbed from the copious amount of books that I’ve read over the years are helping me to shape it. I know what I like to see when I read a story. And my mind subconsciously puts that stuff in when crafting a tale.

I can justifiably say that reading is necessary to improving my craft. Each new story is another lesson in how to write. Certainly makes it easier to deal with the strain on my wallet 🙂

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