Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**This week’s prompt is the vacation from hell. Hope you enjoy!**

“This is the shittiest vacation in the history of vacations.”

The amused chuckle behind me made me scowl. I frowned even harder when my boyfriend spoke. “It’s not as bad as all that, Drew.”

I whirled around. “Are you kidding me? The rental car broke down thirty miles from our destination, and the only replacement they had was a station wagon that doesn’t go over fifty miles per hour!”

Jonah’s eyes were sparkling with restrained laughter. “Well yeah, but so what?”

I squinted. “The hotel lost our reservation, and wouldn’t honor it even though I showed them the confirmation email, so we ended up not in a bungalow, but in this crappy room.”

“It’s not exactly crappy–”

“I got bit by a bug the first day out and my leg is still swollen. I couldn’t walk on it for two days!”

“That was unfortunate, sure but–”

“And!” I spun back around and gestured wildly at the window. “Torrential downpour for the past forty-eight hours. And it’s predicted for at least the next twenty four!”

“We’re in Hawaii. During the wet season.”

I sighed, fogging the window for a moment, before I leaned my forehead against it. I let my shoulders sag. “How can you be so amused while we’re on the vacation from hell?”

“Because I’m with you.” Jonah’s voice dropped an octave, and it sent a shiver down my spine. Three years together, and when he said sweet things in that low voice, never failed to melt my bones and heat my blood.

“Caring for me when I was sick and now trapped inside with me while I’m grumpy. Real treat.” My voice had lost it’s edge, but I was giving it one last ditch effort to hang on to my anger.

“Nothing else I’d rather do, and nowhere else I’d rather be. Now turn around, take off your clothes and join me in bed. Or else,” he paused and I heard the distinct pop of the cap on the lube. “I’m going to take care of things myself. And wouldn’t that be a shame? You and me and nothing to do but fuck each other silly–omph!”

I stripped in record time, pouncing on the bed, trapping him beneath me and kissing him stupid until neither one of us could think, let alone talk.


The next day the rain had finally stopped, and I was sore enough from the near constant sex that I was walking a little bowlegged. Jonah smirked at me from where he was reclining on the bed, and I returned it. Looking at him, seeing how pleased he was, the warmth and love in his gaze, made my heart swell. He quirked his eyebrow in question, and my smirk grew into a grin.

“Best. Vacation. Ever.”



So I took a couple days off from the EDJ just to kind of relax and enjoy. I had a lovely two days wearing my comfiest pant (oh my god they are the best pants) and just hanging out in bed with the cat snuggled up to my side (she was doing her barnacle routine). I read a lot, and that was splendid too (old faves and new releases I enjoyed).

And I also started writing.

But it’s not what I thought I would be writing.

That one is still in the works, but it’s a lot more involved, and I kind of needed….a writing break. The last one was kind of thought intensive, and while that was great, I was reluctant to dive back into another project that had so much going on. So I got to thinking about cupcakes….

Love and Cupcakes starts after a fire at a bakery. And I’d long ago wondered what happened on the other side, to other people, because of the fire. So I decided to explore that first. It’ll be a shorter story, maybe 20k, and a fluffy and sweet. It should take me too long, and it’ll help me get my writing mojo back, ease into the writing again. This new one, that has yet to get a title, is not dependent on having read the first story. Though there may be an appearance of either or both of the MCs in the new one, it stands completely alone. But it will also be told in alternating first, just as Love and Cupcakes is. So that’ll be fun.

So I’m excited about a happy little romp, and two guys falling in love. And once that’s done, I’ll focus my attention onto the next, more emotional, more involved tale. I’m feeling good about what I’m working on, and definitely about what’s coming up next. It’s just a little detour off the plan, but it’s a good one.