Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Today’s prompt is two guys in a rock band admitting they have feelings for each other for the first time. Enjoy!!**

The thing I liked most about the playing the venues was the private bathrooms in the dressing rooms. When The Lost Boys were playing for hundreds instead of hundreds of thousands, we thought we were lucky when we had a room to gather offstage, let alone a bathroom. But now we had made a name for ourselves, each member of the band had their own dressing room, including private bathrooms. After a show like that, when we’d be on fire, everything coalescing, the beat driving us and the audience to heights we rarely achieved, a shower to wash off the sweat and makeup and just cool down felt like heaven.

I emerged twenty minutes later, feeling tired beyond belief but so fucking good. I lived for the music, for the shows like that when me and the guys were perfect and the audience was right there with us, feeding us back that amazing energy. I plopped down on the love seat and stretched out as best I could. We’d done all the publicity stuff earlier in the day, and with tomorrow as an actual day off, I could relax. In a little while, we’d move to the hotel, but for now, it was just nice to relax. Wind down a little.

Three quick raps on the door announced Cody’s arrival before he pushed into the room. His smile was weary but somehow bright, and his blue eyes twinkled as he looked at me. Luke and I had started the band in our garage fifteen years ago, but Cody had joined us just before we hit it big five years ago. We’d been signed to a label, but our drummer had to go. Asshole couldn’t keep time, but he was the best we could find at the time. The label had brought in a plethora of musicians, but Cody was by far the best. He fit in with me, Luke, Celia, and Sarah seamlessly and The Lost Boys had shot to fame.

I couldn’t quite pinpoint the moment I’d gone from just lusting after his beefy, drummer arms to wanting to so much more. He was beautiful and amazing, but even more than that he was funny, intelligent, and incredibly sweet. He was everything I wanted and some time in the past five years, I’d stopped sleeping with whoever threw themselves in my path, to wanting only him. My heart always gave that little leap whenever he gave me his attention. I did my best to rein it in, to not let it show. Not only because I wasn’t entirely sure how he’d react, but because sleeping with a bandmate was not a good idea. Not if it was just a fling. That way led to problems.

I didn’t want just a fling, but it was safer to keep it to myself.

“Mike!” Cody’s grin grew till I thought his face would split. “Fucking awesome show, man!”

I couldn’t help the answering grin. I held out a fist so he could bump it with his as he flopped down beside me. I sat up so he could have room even though all I wanted was to stretch out across him. I distracted myself by reaching for a long neck bottle of beer sitting in the tub of ice on the table. I twisted off the cap, and then hissed in pain as I caught my finger on the edge of the cap. The callus on my middle finger had split during the second encore when we’d launched into the extended rendition of our first, and still biggest, hit “When The Dust Settles.”

“You okay?” Cody sat up straight and reached for my head. “Let me see.”

I stared in shock as he cradled my hand gently in his own. When he ran his fingers lightly over the pads of my fingers, I sucked in a breath, my gaze shooting to his. Cody’s smile was gentle, and he moved his fingers to rub my palm.

“Such strong hands,” he murmured.


“So.” He blew out a breath. “We’ve been dancing around this for a long while now. At least I have. And I see the way you look at me sometimes, so I’m hoping…”

“Yeah.” I slid closer, drawn forward by his gaze. He curled his fingers around mine, pulling me along. As soon as I was close enough, he grabbed me and pulled me right into him, reaching up and cupping my head. He slid his fingers into my hair, and I all but melted under his touch.

“Tell me what you want.”

It was a command, and I didn’t know he had that in him, but I obeyed. “Want you. But not just once. Once won’t be enough. So if that’s not what you want then you need to–”

Cody kissed me. With such force and emotion, I knew without a doubt, he wanted exactly the same thing.

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