The New Year

So yeah. Onward, right? Only way to move is forward.

So that’s what I shall do.

I’m waiting to hear on a few things. And I hate waiting. Waiting is really hard. And I’m also no good at it at all.

Writing is at a little bit of a standstill until I hear back on one of the things. Basically, I’ll find out if Ghostwalker has a deadline or not. If it does, then I need to write my butt off. If it doesn’t, then I can go at it at a more leisurely pace. And don’t have to worry about word count. Either way works just fine for me, but until I know for sure, I haven’t made much progress on it. Other than taking notes and continuing to plot. Which is good, because that needs to get done as well.

I have a few other plot bunnies and some thoughts about what I want to work on after. I’ve been going at a pretty good clip since this summer, when I finally got into the groove for Something Like Want. While part of me wouldn’t mind a break, I mostly want to keep that momentum going. This is the first time since August I haven’t had the next thing riding me to get my current story done, and that feels good. But it’s certainly not for lack of ideas. I have plenty of those.

I don’t make resolutions, because that’s a sure way for me to fail. But I do set goals, things I aim toward. The big things for me are more words on the page and not taking so much down time, both between projects and during writing sprints. I know the way I work best, and I’ve embraced that in the last year. But while I need to take a little breather time between projects, and even while I’m working on them, I need to get better at bouncing back and moving on. So that’s my goal for this year, so I can bring you more stories this year and next.

Watch this space for news.

I hope the new year treats you well, and that you find joy wherever you can.

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