Catching Up

So once again I’ve gone a little MIA, so I’d like to take a little time and fill you in on what’s been going on.

GRL is just five days away, and while I won’t be going (for a number of personal reasons), I will have a small presence there. I think I’ve mentioned a time or two that I knit. (I crochet as well) So I sent a little something along with a friend for the annual Cock Walk. So if you’re attending, have a great time, and maybe check out my contribution. —–>cocksocks

Something Like Want is off for edits. Looking forward to getting that one back and making it the shiniest it can be. I’m still intending for the end of the month release. I have a gorgeous cover, which I’ll share very soon along with the blurb. My plan is to release this one exclusively on Amazon as part of KU for 90 days, and then go with the wide release. More details coming soon!

His Needs is still looking like it’ll be released mid-December, and I’m super excited for this one to hit the shelves as well. It’s all my favorite things wrapped up into one package and I loved writing it and editing it and the characters and just every bit about it. Holidays and friends to lovers and care taking. Again, I’ll give you more details as things get firmed up and the time gets closer.

I’ve broken ground on the next story! Hearts and Hazelnuts is coming along nicely. Check the word meter in the WIPs tab to stay updated on my progress. I’ve chosen 30k as the goal words here because right now, that’s what it feels like it’ll be. And I say feels like because I don’t have an exact way to figure out how long a story will be. It literally just “feels” like a certain length. It’s not set in stone, and when the story is done, it will be done. Whether that’s at 15 or 30 or 50K. (though no more than 50 because that’s the max limit) But yeah, I’m shooting for 30-ish.

So that’s where I’m at, writing wise.

Personal life has been intruding a bit, as the EDJ moved to a new location and it’s been one mess after another. But we’re sorting it out and making it work. The new space is so much smaller than the old space, and we are all a lot closer than we used to be. Not to mention, we don’t have as much actual desk space as we used to. It certainly been an adjustment. We’ve been there just one week. It still feels unreal. But also, it’s been a long time coming, and considering the upheaval that work has been for the past year, it almost feels like it’s the last leg of an incredibly taxing journey. We’re in the home stretch and hopefully now, things will settle.

So that’s all the big stuff. Hope all is well with you, and check back here if you’re looking for info and updates from me.

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