My (sorta brilliant) Brilliant Idea

When it comes to my stories, I like to jot stuff down and have it where I can see it.  I’ve thought about writing on the wall in the writing nook before, but I knew it probably wasn’t the best of ideas.  And then, like one of those lightning strikes, I thought about chalkboard paint, and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.  So I picked a swatch of wall in the writing nook.IMG_2006

And I blocked out what I wanted to chalkboard.IMG_2009

And I painted it.  And waited.  And painted again.  And waited. And then one more coat, and I had a chalkboard spot.IMG_2011

And then I put up a border around it (which I’m not quite sold on, but kind of like, so I haven’t decided yet if it will stay or go) and started a bit of plotting.IMG_2019

With some pumpkins because it’s fall.

So that’s my brilliant idea.  I’ve got this spot right here next to me where I can write stuff out, and where I can see everything all laid out without flipping back and forth to a document.  It will have the salient details, and I’m thinking it will be a big help when I start the next story.

And hell, it’s there even if I just want to doodle. 😀


Gonna Be the Future Soon

Some exciting things on the horizon!

I’ve contracted a short story with Dreamspinner Press, a lovely little Valentine’s Day story, and so that’ll be out in February.  I basically adore the crap out of it, and it’s a quick, cute read, so in a few months, I hope you’ll check out Love at Roades End.

But that’s still months and months away.  Pretty soon I’ll be starting edits on that, and in the meantime, I’ll be tweaking and working on Something Like Peace to get that ready for submission.  I hope to send it in within a couple of weeks.  And with all that going on, it’s a little easier to breathe about taking a break.

Because I’m starting to get itchy.  My brain is working overtime, trying to figure out what we’re going to write next, and is spending a great deal of time working on plots.  I’m starting to feel the need to get back at it, but I know I need more of a break before I delve into another story.  So I’m focusing on fixing the ones I currently have in the queue, and soon, when I’m ready, I’ll start something new. And that’s always an exciting thing, and something I look forward to very much.

Incidentally, I’ve come up with a brilliant idea to assist in the plotting and writing, and if it actually works like it should, I’ll share pictures.  But that won’t be till next week. (And if it’s an epic fail, I’ll relate the story here too)

Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Having just finished writing a novella, and taking some time off, and with the Admiral occupied with things that are other at the moment, I was told to write something that interested me.  But I couldn’t think of anything, and so, was going to take this Friday off.  Figured it wouldn’t hurt, and we’d all survive one week without a flash fic.  But well…then this happened.  So, for your enjoyment, a short little scene.**

It was a dark and stormy night.

I didn’t much care for the dark to begin with, and I fucking hated storms.  So despite having seen my thirty-third birthday, I was huddled under the covers like a four-year-old girl.  Every flash of lightning that penetrated my blanket armor made me cringe, and the ensuing boom of thunder happening at practically the same time was enough to make me shudder.  The fear might be irrational, but it was real.

The worst of storm only lasted twenty-seven minutes (I’d been keeping track) and the flashes and horrible crashes started to taper off.  No longer a constant barrage, there were whole seconds between the lightning strike and the rumble of thunder.  The interval drew farther apart, and now there were stretches of thirty or sixty seconds where all I could hear was the pouring rain. I stayed where I was, unable to relax until the storm had well and truly moved on.

The sudden ringing of my phone scared me badly enough that I shrieked.  And then I scrambled out of the safety of my blankets to answer it.

“Hey,” he said as soon as I’d answered.  “You okay?”

I was going to say yes. I was going to lie and play it up like I was fine.  He didn’t need to know how badly I was affected.  I was going to do it, and then another loud crash echoed and I couldn’t suppress the tiny whimper in time. He heard it, like he always did, and I knew lying was futile.

“Nope,” I said, releasing a shaky breath.  “Nope, nope, nope.”

His chuckle was warm, and it did a fair bit to relax me enough though he was laughing at me.  I loved his laugh.  It was the first thing that drew me to him.

“Come let me in,” he said, his voice a deep rumble far better than any thunder.  I was up and moving almost before the words registered.  It took me seconds to run to the door.  I fumbled a little as I tried to get the deadbolt unlocked, and then managed to work it and pull the door open.

He was a bit bedraggled, but none too worse for the wear.  When he saw me, he smiled, his entire face lighting up.  I took an easy breath for the first time in more than an hour, and practically threw myself into his arms the moment he crossed the threshold.  I didn’t care that he was wet, only that his strength wrapped around me and shored me up.

“You shouldn’t have come out in this,” I murmured meaning it.  The thought of him driving in that storm made my stomach twist painfully.  “But I’m so glad you’re here.”

He leaned back, and then pushed my hair back from my face so he could cup my head and tilt it back so he could really look at me.

“You needed me.  Where else was I going to be?”

I sighed, grabbing onto his wrists and locking my gaze on his.  “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said, and I heard how much he meant it. He bent and kissed me, and then tugged me toward the bedroom.  “I need to get out of these clothes.  And while I’m naked, perhaps we could do something about getting you relaxed and sleepy, and nothing thinking about the storm at all.”

I followed him quickly, helping to pull off his wet shirt.  I nearly swallowed my tongue as his defined chest emerged.  The sight of him never failed to get my motor running.  I swallowed hard.

“What storm?”

He just grinned and pulled me into the bedroom.